Global History!
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Date Event Countries Involved
1492 Chistopher Colobus reaches the Carribian land Euroupe and the Carribians
1517 Martin Luther establishes his 95 thesis England
1521 Cortes completes conquest of the Aztecs Spain and Mexico
1532 Spanish defeats the Incas Spain and Peru
1600 England becomes a protestant nation due to ideas like the one Martin Lother had England
1602 Dutch establish the Dutch East India Compony Dutch and India
1687 Newton publishes his discoveries of the law of gravity England
1715 King Louis XIV dies France
1754 French and Indian war begin India and France
1756 The 7 Years War is started Britain and France
1763 The Treaty of Paris is signed which ends the war between india and the French France and India
1789 The French Revolution begins France, Great Britain, Spain and Austria
1795 Poland is divided Russia,Poland,Prussia and Austria
1804 Nepoleon is the emperor of France France
1812 Nepoleon invades Russia Russia and France
1814 Congress Of Vienna meets Austria,Russia,Great Britain,Prussia and France
1815 Nepoleon is defeated by Waterloo France and the Netherlends
1819 Simon Bolivas captures Bogota Venezuela and Colombia
1821 Simon Bolivar liberates Venezuela Spain and Venezuela
1839 The Oppium War Great Britain and China
1848 Marx and the Engets publish the Communist Manifesto Germany
1884 Eurapean nations divide Africa in the Berlin Confrence Austria,Hungary,Belgium,Denmark,France,Germany,France,Italy, the Netherlands, Spain,Turkey,Sweden and Russia
1925 World War One begins Britain.France,Russia,italy,United States,Germany,Austria,Hungary,ottomen Empire and Bulgaria
1928 Stalin establishes his five year plan Russia(A.K.A Soviet Union)
1930 Indiands join Gahndi in the Salt March India and Britain
1933 Hitler becomes Germanys chancellor Germany
1935 The Nazy party passes the Nuremberg Laws Germany
1937 The Japanese capture Nanjing Japan and China
1939 Germany invades Poland,Britain and France then declare on Germany Germany,Britain,Poland and France
1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor Japan and the Unites States
1944 D-Day France
1945 Germany surrenders Germany
1945 The United States drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan then surrenders Japan and the United States
1945 World War Two ends Germany,Italy,Japan,United States,Austria,Canada,New Zealand,China,Soviet Union
1947 India and Pakistan gain independence India,Pakista and Great Britain
1976 Mao Zedong dies China
1979 Iranian Revolution Iran
1991 The Soviet Union breaks and the Cold War ends Russian and the Unites States
1994 Apartheid in South Africa ends Africa