"The more you know about the past,the better prepared you are for the future"--Theodore Roosevelt

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~Problems Today~

~Problems Today~

--Have you ever heard of the 43 students missing in Iguela,Gerrero, Mexico? They suddenly dissapeared on Septemebr,26,2014 and were never to be seen again. Many people blame the weak goverment that only cares about making money,and ignores the wealth of the civilians. Today no one knows where they are. No one knows if they are in fact dead or alive. The families of the students still march in hope of an answer. For further understanding please visit the following website! Just click on the question mark!! HTML tutorial

--Cities are beautiful. But what happens when hundreds of species not yet discovered must die? What happens when Indian tribes's houses are being destroyed? What happenes when the heart of our world is being destructed? What happens when inoccent animals habitacts are destroyed?This is the outcome of the deforestation in Amazon,Brazil. Since 1978 mass corporations have been removing trees and plants in order to build cities and factories. For further understanding please visit the following website and share it with your friends and family to spread awareness! Just click on the tree!! HTML tutorial

--In the United States there is a great controversial with the way immigrants are coming in the borders of the United States. Many people believe that immigrants are just damaging the country. But at the end of the day, the United States is a free country. And if you live in it, try and respect the laws. We are all humans at the end of the day. Many people come to America in order to live better then they have in their own countries. What do you believe? To further understand the complains of many people about immigration visit here! Just click on the wings!! HTML tutorial

--Many people have food everyday. Many people arent greatful for what they recieve everyday. In Africa there is starvation everyday. Many people cant afford for a simple meal for their family. In Africa you may find strong individuals sacrificing themselves for the survivol of their family. For further understanding of this situation visit here! Just click on the heart!! HTML tutorial

--Do you believe in love? Do you believe in happiness? Many people around the world are not being supported for their true sexualality. Many people around the world are not allowed to love someone from their same gender. They are not allowed to become their opposite gender. This problem can get even worse with discrimination from non-supporters. Learn to respect and support one another! For further understanding of this problem visit here! Just click on the rainbow!! HTML totorial

Spread Peace and Love! Dont Judge One Another!

  1. Questions!
  2. What 3 Vocabulary words can describe Adolf Hitler?
  3. Can you name three religions and their holy books?
  4. Can you name 3 communist rulers?