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Important Vocabulary to Review!
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Important Vocabulary to Review!

  1. Agriculture= Obtaining land in order to farm and settle
  2. Alliance= Joining forces/a group to fight your opponent
  3. Apartheid= Discrimination and seperation againt non-Europeans in South Africa
  4. Autocrat= A person who holds more power over people
  5. Autonomous= Being indepent
  6. Bible= A christian holy book containijng stories of the new and old testaments
  7. Boycott= Not buying goods for personal reasons
  8. Bushido= Samurai code in behavior
  9. Bilateral= Negotiations of two political parties being affected
  10. Bantu=A group of African speakers
  11. Caligraphy= A system of writing in regions such as Japan and China
  12. Catographer= A person who makes maos of ceertain regons
  13. Collectives= When farming regions share land and farm machinary
  14. Cummunism= When only one party controls production and has a classless society
  15. Crusades= Military Christian services who faught for their holy land from Muslims.
  16. Democracy= A system where people have their own choices of laws and have representetives to allow them
  17. Dharma= A Buddhist idea of behavior
  18. Dynasty= A powerfull group that rules for years
  19. Delta= land that is made out of mud and sand because of the river
  20. Dentente= Friendly relation during the 1970's between the Soviet Union and the United States
  21. Embargo= Detaining trading systems
  22. Ethnic Group= A group with similar traits in culture
  23. Ethnocentrism= When a group believes their group is superior to other groups
  24. extremists= People who give violance in order to achieve for their goals
  25. Excommunicate= A punishment for violating Roman Catholic Church laws
  26. Feudalism= A system where people give service to their lord in exchange for land and protection
  27. Fallow= Land that is planted for less then a season
  28. Favela= Houses in Brazil that hold poor civilians
  29. Federation= An organization to give power to the central group
  30. Fetish= A object people believe is magical
  31. Genocide= A murder of a group of people
  32. Hellenestic=Greek culture on areas Alexander the Great conquered
  33. Heritage= A culture or traditin of a region being passed down through generations
  34. Inflation= An increase of price for certain products
  35. Jhad= A Islamic war
  36. Koran= Muslims holy book
  37. Laissez Faire= When a goverment should handle economic affairs
  38. Marxist= The goverment should follow socialism
  39. monotheism= A belief in only one God
  40. Nuclear Proliferation= When countries want to be the most developed in nuclear weapons
  41. Nonalignment= When groups arent allied to great powerful groups in the world
  42. Oral Tradition= Information being passed down to every generation
  43. Pampas= Grassy Plains in southern Latin America
  44. Polytheistic= When you believe in more then one God
  45. Quechua= Languag the Incas and other Indians spoke
  46. Rabbi= Jewish Leader
  47. Rajah= Indian Ruler
  48. Savanna= Tropical region grassland
  49. Secular= A person who is more concirned in nature then its own religion
  50. Shogun= Military leader in Japan
  51. Sultan =Muslim Leader
  52. Tribe= A group with the same culture
  53. Upspring= A revolt of something epople dont agree with
  54. Vernacular= A certain language used worldwide
  55. Working Class= A group of people that were into a class full of work
  56. Zambo= A person who has African and Native American heritage in Latin America